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EP 29: 2024 Consumer Trends, Chef Spike Mendelsohn on Good Eating, The Soil-Nutrition Connection

Learn from the brightest minds in food science and the industry insiders who bring the know-how in the February 2024 episodes of the Omnivore podcast. 

Trends expert Dr. Liz Sloan shares her take on some of the year’s biggest changes in consumer behavior and how they will play out in the marketplace. Chef Spike Mendelsohn discusses how he shifted his focus to food policy advocacy and planet-friendly eating. Plant nutrition researcher Robert Beelman talks about the undervalued connection between soil health and nutrition. Plus: Learn how to empower your business to reduce the negative impact of recalls with IFT’s Enterprise Traceability Education Suite, the new one-stop resource and only education solution designed to quickly help get your entire organization up to speed on key traceability concepts.