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EP 30: PFAS, BVO and Heavy Metals, Oh My!, Social Media for Product Development, Shark Tank Primetime Tips

Learn from the brightest minds in food science and top innovators in the food industry in the October episodes of the Omnivore podcast. 

IFT’s Tracy Fink talks about risk management and best practices in mitigating chemical hazards, including PFAS, BVO, and heavy metals. Andrew Csicsila, partner and managing director for AlixPartners, shares his insights and advice on how food and beverage companies can use social media and AI to find white spaces for new product development. Ori Zohar, Shark Tank contestant and co-CEO of single-origin spice company Burlap & Barrel, dishes on takeaways from pitching on the show and how to make the most it if your company gets the producer’s call. Plus: Learn how to empower your business to reduce the negative impact of recalls with IFT’s Enterprise Traceability Education Suite, the new one-stop resource and only education solution designed to quickly help get your entire organization up to speed on key traceability concepts.