EP 25: Regenerative Ag, Food Safety Change Agent, Inside the Genomics Institute

In this “Best of 2023” episode of Omnivore, Food Technology revisits the top food science and thought leader interviews of the year. Dr. Elizabeth Rieke sheds light on how regenerative agriculture practices and new DNA technologies can improve soil health and help the agriculture sector reach net zero Scope 3 emissions. We have a chat with microbiologist and food industry executive Theo Morille to discuss key food safety learnings from her 35-plus year career that has taken her from the lab to the C-suite. Dr. Brad Ringeisen, executive director of the Innovative Genomics Institute, offers a fascinating overview of the institute’s research initiatives related to the use CRISPR gene-editing to bring about next-gen agricultural advances. Plus: Find out more about IFT’s new Product Development Bootcamp, a comprehensive, 10-module online course designed to equip food and beverage professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to elevate and accelerate product development. Learn more at www.ift.org/bootcamp.