EP 26: The Art of Science Communication, Josh Tetrick on Cultivated Meat, IFT FIRST Pitch Competition Winner, Disruption in the Backseat

In this “Best of 2023” episode of Omnivore, Food Technology revisits the top food science and thought leader interviews of the year. Science communication expert Laura Lindenfeld explains how theatrical improv can help scientists break down barriers and better covey complex ideas. Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of Eat Just, chats about all things cultivated meat, including the recent milestone sales and the challenges that still lie ahead. Paola Delgado, chief operating officer at Helaina and winner of the 2023 IFT FIRST Pitch Competition, discusses the company’s use of precision fermentation. Rabobank senior consumer foods analyst Tom Bailey talks about what’s ahead for the food industry as we move out of the “age of disruption.” Plus: Find out more about IFT’s new Product Development Bootcamp, a comprehensive, 10-module online course designed to equip food and beverage professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to elevate and accelerate product development. Learn more at www.ift.org/bootcamp.