EP 31: Alternative Snacks, Understanding Sensory Science, A Positive Approach to Food Science

Get fast-tracked into the world of the science of food with the March 2024 episodes of IFT’s Omnivore podcast. Amy Marks-McGee, founder of consultancy Trendincite, discusses the drivers behind the growth of alternative snacks and where the category is headed in coming years. Danielle van Hout, PhD, president of Aigora, a consulting company, explains what sensory scientists do and how their work has evolved. Consultant Kantha Shelke discusses how a positive approach to food science and product innovation can flip the perceptions of wary consumers. Plus: Learn how to empower your business to reduce the negative impact of recalls with IFT’s Enterprise Traceability Education Suite, the new one-stop resource and only education solution designed to quickly help get your entire organization up to speed on key traceability concepts.