EP 32: Hurdling FSMA 204 Challenges, Tufts Cultured Meat Research, Australia Innovation Hotspot

Get fast-tracked into the world of the science of food with the March 2024 episodes of IFT’s Omnivore podcast. Dr. Jacob Bruun-Jensen, strategy principal, consumer industry with Monitor Deloitte, talks about the challenges of achieving compliance with FDA’s Food Traceability Rule. Director of science at Tufts Cellular Agriculture Commercialization Lab and entrepreneur-in-residence Andrew Stout explains his research on growth factors in bovine muscle cells and its impact on the cultured meat industry. Chris Downs, director of the Food and Beverage Accelerator (FaBA) at the University of Queensland, in Australia, shares why Australia is a hot spot of food system innovation in areas including seaweed, precision fermentation, agricultural robotics, and more. Plus: Learn how to empower your business to reduce the negative impact of recalls with IFT’s Enterprise Traceability Education Suite, the new one-stop resource and only education solution designed to quickly help get your entire organization up to speed on key traceability concepts.