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EP 24: IFT Appert Award Winner Fereidoon Shahidi on Food Waste; FDA on the Food Traceability Rule

This episode of Omnivore features all-new conversations on timely topics with leading food scientists and experts taken from the pages of the November 2023 issue of Food Technology magazine. Fereidoon Shahidi, professor at Memorial University of Newfoundland and recipient of the 2023 IFT Lifetime Achievement Award in honor of Nicolas Appert, discusses the importance of fundamental research to solve food waste and improve health. FDA’s Adam Friedlander and IFT’s Blake Harris serve up an exclusive extended segment on the agency’s final Food Traceability Rule, its fundamental elements, and steps companies can take to prepare themselves and their supply chains for compliance, just two years away. 

Plus: Find out more about IFT’s new Product Development Bootcamp, a comprehensive, 10-module online course designed to equip food and beverage professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to elevate and accelerate product development. Learn more at www.ift.org/bootcamp.