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EP 18: Generational Marketing, FDA’s Food Traceability Rule, The ‘Skinny’ on Skinny Butcher

In this episode of Omnivore, our hosts interview food science thought leaders appearing in the pages of the August 2023 issue of Food Technology. Consumer trends expert Dr. Liz Sloan delves into the defining characteristics of key market segments ranging from youthful Generation Alpha to aging baby boomers and matures. IFT traceability experts Blake Harris and Sara Bratager provide insights into FDA’s final Food Traceability Rule and the need for speed in planning to meet the compliance deadline of January 20, 2026. Dave Zilko, CEO and cofounder of plant-based meat alternatives startup Skinny Butcher, chats about how the brand’s formulation, marketing, and to-market strategy help set it apart from its competitors. 

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EP 11: Clean Label Seasonings, the Future of Food at SXSW, Healthy Food Labels

Listen to the latest stellar line-up of food science-meets-business experts in this episode of Omnivore fresh from the pages of the May 2023 issue of Food Technology magazine. Unilever R&D senior scientist Neval Ceyhun shares expert advice on the five elements necessary to develop a clean label strategy for seasonings. From sessions on cultivated meat to using NASA satellite data to help solve food insecurity, the South by Southwest 2023 conference’s food track took a deep dive into shoring up the global food system. Deputy Managing Editor Kelly Hensel talks about her time at the conference and some of the key takeaways. The long-awaited update to FDA’s healthy food label guidelines was unveiled last fall. But dietitian and recipe analyst Linn Steward says the new rules overlook palatability, which could hinder their effectiveness with consumers. Plus: Get fast, accurate technical support customized for your R&D and Innovation teams with an IFT Concierge Membership. 

EP 6: Center Store Stats, the Salmonella Challenge, and AI for Product Development

In this episode of Omnivore, Food Technology’s editorial team highlights stories and interviews from the February print issue. Trends consultant and Food Tech Contributing Editor Liz Sloan shares the latest statistics on center-store sales and offers her take on how product developers should be responding to those sales trends. Listen to University of Wisconsin-Madison microbiologist Steven Ricke on the question of declaring Salmonella as an adulterant in poultry. And Suraksha Rajagopal, head of research for business intelligence consultant, Spoonshot, talks about the potential for artificial intelligence to improve food product development success. 


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EP 5: Plant-Based Meat Challenges, Quality Pet Food Demand, Sensory Tech Toolkit

In this episode of Omnivore, Food Technology’s editorial team serves up new content with stories and interviews taken from the February print issue. UMass Distinguished Professor Julian McClements shares insight into the state-of-the-science when it comes to developing meat analogues that will resonate with consumers. Renaldo Webb discusses his experience in the pet food industry and why consumers have high demand for their furry friends. Dragonfly SCI’s Rebecca Bleibaum shares some new technologies helping to solidify sensory science’s place in the product development toolkit. Plus: Information on IFT FIRST Annual Event and Expo, July 16-19, 2023.