EP 33: Ag Futurist Robert Saik, Vickie Kloeris on NASA, @TheBlackFoodScientist Shares the Science

Get the latest expert insights into the world of food science and technology in the April 2024 episodes of the Omnivore podcast, brought to you from Food Technology magazine. Renowned agrologist Robert Saik discusses the ways that science and technology are critical if food production is to meet the needs of a fast-growing global population. IFT Past President Vickie Kloeris talks about her new book, which reflects on her time working at NASA. Brittany Towers Lewis, aka The Black Food Scientist, talks about how and why she got into making her popular Instagram and TikTok video series, Science in Sixty Seconds. Plus: Thank you to this episode’s sponsor, IFT FIRST: Annual Event and Expo. Accomplish a year’s worth of business, idea generation and career growth in just three days at IFT FIRST, July 14-17 in Chicago. Register today to maximize your savings and capitalize on early bird pricing. Visit https://www.iftevent.org today!